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“Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.”

m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2. (via o-slave)


Darrien Hunt was just a young nerdy cosplayer that liked anime and was still seen as a dangerous threat. like no matter how far away from a “thug” you behave if you are black you are a target you are being watched and you are not safe in America


Did you know that you can drink lava? But only once


Mis-gendering usually feels like a punch to the stomach, especially when its on purpose. 


Mis-gendering usually feels like a punch to the stomach, especially when its on purpose. 

no no that's humanism! c:




no that’s feminism

feminism is for all genders, it’s about gender equality

humanism is actually the belief that humans should be more important or celebrated than celestial beings /worshiped deities

hooookay i’m so goddamn tired of this argument so prepare for a rant:

anon, the word you’re looking for (but apparently did not have time to research) is ‘egalitarianism’, which is much like intersectional feminism (really the only true feminism there is as far as i’m concerned) in that they both, in theory, have the ultimate goal of total equality. the problem with egalitarianism, however is that it a) has no means to an end beyond “oh but we’ve all got red blood what else matters!!1!one!!” while refusing to acknowledge what it is that’s causing these problems in the first place and b) has been co-opted by mras for this very reason as a way to acknowledging gender inequity while carefully sidestepping the idea that patriarchy is the source of grief for all genders, not just women, and painting feminism as some kind of weird female-dominance fantasy.

similarly, however, there is an up-and-coming brand of “tumblr” feminism (or: “radfems”) which exemplifies exactly what it is that mras try to make real feminists out to be; man-hating bigots using clever buzzwords to obfuscate their total lack of understanding. and they do hate men, for the same reason that mras hate women; they think all men are like the woman-hating bigots, the mras, on the internet. they feed directly into one another’s endless cycle of hate.

egalitarians fear the word ‘patriarchy’ because they have come to associate it with misandry, but this is not the case. the patriarchy is a social structure within which the vast majority of the modern world has been erected; a series of expectations which encourage (read: force) people to conform not only to their biological sex’s place within the gender binary (a form of bigotry known colloquially as binarism), but also the great, rigid mountain of stereotypes that go along with it. this hurts everyone.

it encourages transphobic behaviors such as non-medical biological essentialism, which worsens feelings of dysphoria, invalidates the identities of genderqueer people (both amab and afab) simply because they are not part of a strict binary. in many cases, even those who accept the existence of gq people will question their identity if they aren’t androgynous enough, which all comes back to the harmful effects of gender stereotypes, wherein if a person is too “feminine” they must be female, or if a person is too “masculine” they must be male. while this is different than biological essentialism, it is still a form of binarism that hurts the trans community just as much.

it feeds into the high male suicide rate; men cannot express their feelings, they must bottle them up and put on a machismo at all times, better to die manly than to live like a pussy (read: woman. the most insulting thing to be, apparently). then there are the deceptively low stats/lack of reporting regarding male victims of domestic violence and sex crimes; stereotyped as only happening to the weak, and in a society where weak = feminine, and being female is the worst thing anyone could possibly be…well, you do the math. hell, men can’t even bake or decorate or refuse sex from a woman (male rape victims with female perpetrators are even more underreported than those with male perpetrators, often for this very reason) without being labeled gay or effeminate (the two are often equated, as liking men is a sexuality for women…is this starting to sound familiar yet?)

failure to follow these standards can have, shall we say, dire results. oh, but hate crime epidemics are a story for another day.

'patriarchy' is only named as such due to the fact that it is a structure set in place to assure male dominance (which is why stereotypes for men center on strength where those for women center on weakness and subservience). similarly, 'feminism' is only named as such to combat these patriarchal standards, to break down the false equivalency of feminine and weak, or masculine and strong…eventually, to free everyone, every race, ethnicity, religion, and gender from the stereotypes that subjugate them and keep them from feeling valid in their own personal identities.

you see, anon, real feminism is what egalitarianism strives to―but can never truly―be. ’egalitarianism’ as it stands now is similar to the racist ideology of being ‘colorblind’. you cannot solve a problem without first identifying what is causing the problem. as long as egalitarianism does not acknowledge patriarchy, it will remain an ineffective ideology with all bark and no bite. but once it does, it will no longer be egalitarianism at all, but feminism, as really that simple acknowledgement and subsequent actions are all that sets the two apart.

so go ahead and continue preaching egalitarianism as if it’s going to solve all your problems. but know this: it is an ideology with no meat, no substance, no sense. and eventually even the most desperate, starving people give up on digging at a carcass once they discover it’s nothing but skin and bones.


there is so much unnecessary heterosexuality on tv


All these preteen hoes acting like TFIOS the saddest shit they seen smh they ain’t even know about Naruto


it’s 2014

stop making fun of black women for wearing a weave

stop making fun of black women for showing their natural hair

stop making fun of black women



I did the thing where you draw your patron wearing your outfit from today
sorry kanaya I don’t know how to dress myself


I did the thing where you draw your patron wearing your outfit from today

sorry kanaya I don’t know how to dress myself